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Travel to Morocco! You decide your trip!

Marocdesiertoyaventura is based in Merzouga, Morocco.

We are a local company, with local workers, managed by people of the Imazighn Kabilat-Ait-Ata ethnic group. Our main objective is to offer routes through Morocco offering comfort, good food and a good night of talk, fun and rest after a long journey full of surprises, places, people ...

In marocdesiertoyaventura we are specialists in travel by Morocco, "custom" trips, trips for couples, groups of friends, companies, families with children, independent travelers ... trips designed to enjoy and discover the authentic Morocco.

We take you wherever you want to go, offering personalized routes to suit the client. Our trips are private, with driver and car for the group, offering the convenience of adapting to the taste of customers. We always try to raise our standards, trying to balance between comfort and the experiences that most deeply impress our customers.


Share the trip with nomadic people, enjoying their traditions, their ancestral culture, and know the hospitality of the people of the desert.

We want to emphasize the cultural immersion within the Berber villages and lands and the best way to do it is to let the route evolve by itself. We offer short routes or long hikes and alternative excursions to the road, often in areas less traveled by most tourists who travel through Morocco. All meals reflect the regional cuisine, and the stays are in hotels, hostels and riads of traditional architecture. You can experience a candlelit dinner, sleep in the desert in a nomadic tent, listen to the silence in the dunes, contemplate the stars ...

And always, be able to enjoy the traditional Berber culture, the hospitality of its people, its food, its smile, its good work ...

Go ahead and discover authentic Morocco, its music, its culture, its landscapes, its food, its people, the desert and its soul, through authentic Berber. We organize an unforgettable trip from the heart of the Moroccan desert. Also from here we can solve all the doubts you have and get you to live an adventure outside the conventional tourism routes.

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